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Monday, August 6, 2007

Fantasy Football comes to Three Creeks

It's finally happened. Fantasy Football is coming to Three Creeks! And I am a complete novice to fantasy football. I don't even follow professional football much. Mostly I catch a game here or there and then maybe once the play-offs start I may watch a few more games. But really I watch more college football than I do the NFL.

So what is involved in fantasy football? How many Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends do I need? How does the defense and special teams fit into the equation? And kickers? Do I just have 1? What happens if a player is injured or sick? How do trades work?

Yep I have a lot of questions as the fantasy football season prepares to kick-off. I wish this blog was a chat instead so some of you could give me that expert advice. You will probably be in your own fantasy football leagues but since I won't be competing with you, you could give me some valuable assistance.

At this stage I know that LaDainian Tomlinson is the supposedly best running back and should be the first player drafted. And I know that Peyton Manning is the best QB. But how many rbs are there ahead of him in the draft. If I am picking 6th or 7th and Peyton is still available, should I take him or is there likely a rb I should take instead? Or is there a WR that it would be better to take? Who are the best rbs to take after LaDainian? Should my first 2 picks be on rbs? especially if someone else already has Peyton? Should I gamble and pick a rookie QB like Russell? Or Tarvarius Jackson? Which would be the better pick of the 2? And where in the draft process should I make such a risky pick? or is it not risky?

As soon as I know some of the draft rules such as how many players of each position we will be drafting and also how many teams (people) are in the league, I may be able to start getting a handle on this. Either way, it should be an interesting process.

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